Welcome to our site!

Flash Reporting is a Start-Up company and it’s dedicated to help small and medium-
sized companies in Reporting, Data Management, Visualization and Commercial activities as fast as you can imagine!

Are you a small or mid sized company, struggling day by day with structuring data, wrong calculations, incorrect formulas? Don’t want to hire somebody permanently to help in data management or commercial questions? Your company is a start-up or operating for years but still doesn’t have a Web site, Facebook or Instagram page?

We are here to help and direct you with professional advises and suggestions. A well-structured Excel template, a dashboard with VBA Macros or an Access database can resolve the issues and contributes to a better view of your company’s performance and maybe of the fields that can be improved.

Creating a website or advertisements on the most popular communication channels according to your ideas, thoughts and our experience will help the world to know you better and increase the interest and number of clients.

Feel free to contact the team of Flash Reporting, don’t hesitate because of the prices, we have both feet on the ground, don’t forget we are a Start-Up!